Hello There!

Hey! My name’s David. This is going to be my blog. I love to travel, I have huge a passion for Japan (I’m slowly trying to learn Japanese 初めまして!) and I love Theme Parks. I was born and raised in Sydney, and currently having a quarter life crisis.

On this blog you’ll see posts about Sydney, Australia, Japan, Theme Parks and other things I find interesting. This blog will  serve as a journal as I explore stuff I find interesting. I hope you can learn something new and exciting by reading it, and I hope you’ll share your stories too.


5 responses to “Hello There!

  1. me and you both man! i have a written journal dedicated to Japan for every time i find out something, language, culture, food(especially the food) just so i can remind myself (memory of a sieve me)


  2. Thank you for stopping by our blog and following it! It looks like you have some very cool stuff here on your blog. Marty lived in Japan for three years but never wrote about it so I am excited to see what you post while you are there.


  3. Hi David, you’re my neighbor 😀
    I live in Indonesia and hope I can visit Australia someday 😉
    Nice blog you have here, keep writing. I am a newbie here in this blogging world 😀


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